Take your event to the next level!

Shindig allows event organizers to interact with their attendees with ease. Publish your event information, schedule, maps, news and alerts to a simple customizable mobile application across all platforms.

Shindig is very flexible to the needs of your event, be it a conference, festival, exhibition or corporate retreat. We’ve run events for hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of attendees.


All Mobile Platforms All At Once

In the mobile world it is important to leverage as many platforms as you possibly can. With Shindig, your event’s attendees will get apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and the web. Shindig is optimized for all of these platforms natively, making it faster, and more reliable than other cross platform mobile solutions. Give us your data, hit publish and Shindig will do the rest.


Coordinate Your Event With Shindig Manager

Having control of your event data is vital. Our powerful event management web application will give you the power to edit your event data, customize the app experience of your attendees and communicate through push notifications. And because it is web-based, you can access it from anywhere. Shindig Manager puts you in control.


Bookmarking and Personal Itinerary

While browsing sessions attendees can bookmark and create a personalized itinerary. Should this bookmarked session be updated they’ll get a notification explaining the change. They can even keep this personal itinerary in sync with the device calendar system to get a more detailed overview of their day.


Easy Data Imports

If you have existing data you have been working with for years, no problem. We make it easy to get your existing data into Shindig. We have templates for spreadsheets, JSON, or XML that allow you to import your existing event data. If you have need help, just ask! We offer importing services to help you get up and running as quick as possible.